MMFR Golden Retrievers is family-owned and operated right here in
Southern California.
I have been breeding dogs for almost 24 years in Riverside Calif. and in 2006 we purchased a nice acre property in Nuevo CA., a small suburb of Riverside County. We call our little acre farm "Mini Milkers Farm" where we raise dairy goats for cheese, soap, and milk. That is how "MMFR" Golden Retrievers" got it's name.  I was able to retire in 2013, as my husband 's  job affords me the ability to stay at home. Now I can raise, breed, work with and enjoy my "DREAM" dogs, the Golden Retrievers. 
       The Golden Retrievers that we own are family pets and have free roam of our property unless they are breeding or have a litter of puppies. Check out "Our Girls" & "Our Boys" Pages to see our Golden Family...we try to keep photos current.  We are a  small family/hobby breeder and really enjoy having the puppies around to play with and love until they are placed with their new families. Our dogs are nice quality and are all registered with AKC.  Our goal is to Provide Quality Golden Retrievers at a Reasonable Price thereby giving people who have been wanting a Golden, but did not want to pay the exorbitant price for a pet, the opportunity to own one. Our belief is that all Golden Retriever colors  from White to Mohogany and all shades in between  are of equal monetary value. Color is a personal preference. We do not base our price on color, but  rather on coat, conformation & temperament. OFA Hips and Elbows will be done on all of our Males & possibly females for our piece of mind, only.
Our lives are made brighter because of our animals! We hope that yours will be  too.  Puppies are a full time commitment & hard work that is well rewarded with tail wags, puppy kisses & tons of unconditional love. 
We look forward to placing the puppies with "families" that will continue to love and care for them as they mature into the beautiful devoted and loyal companions that the Golden's are known to be. 
Refer to: BerniceZuri, Birdie, Ali, Mable & Bertha's litter pages to view available puppies !
Refer to: Purchase-A Puppy page for more details on purchasing a puppy.
Please feel free to Contact Us with any Questions.

                                                       Thank you for your interest!
“The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.”
―M.K. Clinton
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