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Our Girls
Shown Oldest to Youngest
Bertha has and amazing, super soft double thick coat. She will be a Medium Colored Golden with a lighter undercoat. She is a Big Girl with a very nice solid structure. Big feet, blocky head. Her coat makes her feel all squishy. Her temperament is very laid back, loving and carefree. Not extremely needy but does come around for love. She gets along with everyone adults, children and our other female Goldens. Bertha is showing to be a very submissive female to people and our pack of Goldens. She loves walking around with a toy in her mouth in order to please us. She will slowly run and play fetch for about 2 or 3 tosses and then she lays down for a belly rub. If I am loving on someone else, she pushes her way in between me and the other dogs so she gets the affection...:-)

She has a Big Butt-that waddles when she walks!
Zipper Nose!
Squinchy Face!
Show Off with Toy in Mouth!

~Click On A Photo~

82 Lbs.

Bertha & Wallace
Due Date April 10th 2020

Bertha will have one more Litter with us -Breeding to Wallace March 2020- She is being re-homed afterward-She will be going to a New Home with One of her puppies.

 Meet Zuri-Flurry
She is a 100% English Cream Golden Retriever and is not related to any of our Golden Retrievers which broadens our breeding possibilities. 
Zuri is a solid girl. She has a very white, silky straight coat. We love her conformation & her beautiful gate. She has the most loving and submissive temperament. She can be a bit jumpy with me and the grandkids. She gets along very well with all of our Goldens.  She is not a toy hog but does on occasion try to grab one to impress us. She will run to play fetch with the others but always lets someone else retrieve the prize. She loves her ears and face rubbed and will still roll over for tummy rubs too. Very affectionate now! Was shy at first. She and Heidi are best buddies and always play hard right before bedtime.

Zuri McFlurry! 
Cuteness Overload!
Kissy Girl!
​So Submissive!

64 Lbs
~Click On A Photo~
AKA Fatty
This is Heidi:
Heidi is not related to any of our Golden Retrievers which broadens our breeding possibilities. She has the most amazing fluffy full coat. My personal favorite color-Golden with some lighter feathering.  Her Coat is slightly wavy, soft underneath and coarser on top as it should be. Heidi is a confident female. She is not shy at all and LOVES TO PLAY. She is always chasing birds or butterflies and even an occasional bee, yikes. This girl has a favorite toy -purple donut...and she cannot stand when any of the other dogs have it. She is always wet. Loves the hose, pool, sprinklers.....and yes even the water bowls. Heidi stands next to me as if she is heeling and licks my leg or chews on my shorts to let me know she needs attention. She is such a wonderful mom and has plenty of milk. Heidi can't stand to be in the house when I am out back. She is not a vocal dog. So very smart and easily learns new things. She is such a feminine looking girl!

 Confident Female!
Loves the water hose!
Carries a Toy to show off!
Has a favorite chair!

70 Lbs.

Heidi & Emmett
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We are downsizing and will be Placing some of our females & 1 male in forever homes at a lower price than our pups depending on a few things, age and times bred. 
If Potential Homes Fall Thru- They will have Available Marker Below

  1. Bertha- She will be having one more litter with us. Due April 2020. Bertha will be re-homed after her litter has gone to Their New homes. We require a GREAT home for her. Her rehoming fee is $800.00. She will be available to go to her new home sometime this Summer -June or July. She has a waiting list.
2. Zuri- She is being rehomed. She is not spayed so that will be responsibility of new owner. She is not sold with AKC Breeding rights. Her Rehoming fee is $800.00 and she must go to good home. Contact for info. (ON Temp HOLD)
3. Wallace- is being rehomed. This is a difficult placement for us and we will be very picky. His price is a firm $800.00 and he will not be neutered.  Contact for info.

Our Goal is to have 4 Females & 2 Males.

We Are Downsizing Over a Period of 1 Year! So we will have some of our Older dogs for sale / placement- Good Homes A Must!
Meet Trudy:
Trudy is not related to any of our Goldens but will only be paired with Wallace, until we get our new male. She is completely leash trained and has never had and accident in her crate. She has won us over with her cute & funny antics. Absolutely loves people. She has a very playful side and cannot get enough of playing in the water. She has a beautiful thick light medium gold coat with lighter feathering underneath. Trudy is always smiling! She stays focused on us when we are outside. Trudy is very needy for human interaction. She is also a bit water obsessed...lol
Trudy gives big hugs and will wrap her legs around you and not let go. Then she moans as though she cannot get enough loving's. She is a VERY BIG girl. She will be above average in size when full grown. Looks like a big polar bear with her double thick coat. Always wet so hard to get good photos. 

Trudy is a fatty!
Loves her humans!
Water obsessed!
~Pretty as can be!~

68 Lbs.

~Click On A Photo~
My Mom-2yrs Old
My Dad
Heidi & Emmett
Breeding May or June

Waiting List taken when puppies are 1wk old.
Interested List Available
Zuri  Is Being Rehomed
Call Us For Details/Temp HOLD Placed

51 Lbs
~Click On A Photo~
Our newest addition is Aurora-whom we call Rory. 
She is so full of energy and has found a new best friend in Trudy. She has shown an attachment to our Zuri as well. She is a fast learner and looks to the other Goldens to see what she should do. Rory was crate trained within two days of being here. She loves people but is not as needy for human approval as our Trudy is. She is not shy though. Rory is 3/4 English Cream and 1/4 American Standard. Her coat is white to very light cream and has a nice wave in it.
Rory has a great conformation and very blocky head. We look forward to watching her develop. Starting to become quite the lover. She is a very balanced dog-not to needy and not too independent. Just the right amount of both.

Very Smart Girl!
Loves Her Ears Rubbed!
Always eating!
Has a tail that looks like a dreadlock!

My Dad
Trudy & Wallace
Breeding On Her Second Heat Cycle
Guessing Around Nov. or Dec. 2020
​Waiting List Taken When Litter is 1Wk Old
Rory & Emmett
Breeding On Second Heat Cycle
Guessing: Around Nov. or Dec. 2020
Waiting List Taken When Litter is 1Wk Old​

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