Bernice, Bernice, Bernice!
 Bernice has a beautiful blocky head and an"Extra Large" bone structure, as you can see by her weight she is a Larger than average female. She has a nice, straight, med-light Golden coat with a very light undercoat. 
This girl is such a LOVE BUG with her humans.
Gentle as can be with people but very alpha and bossy with my other Golden females. She gives big wet slobbery kisses and is an "In Your Face" kinda gal. Bernice would sit in
your lap all day if you let her, or if she fit. She is very laid back and not to big on the fetch game. She's HAPPY laying around with a rawhide in her mouth and can go thru a large rawhide in minutes. Bernice tends to pass on the Blocky head feature to her offspring.

She is a wonderful mommy and tends to her puppies like a champ.
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~Stella Rose~
For Reference Only
Our Girls

85 Lbs.
Birdie is a sweet girl, full of Energy and NO FEAR! She has a very soft, full coat that is almost white. What a smart girl with lots of energy! Should be on the small side of average when full grown. Bird has an eagerness to work/play and is learning rapidly. She has excellent manners and is not at all pushy. She is always in the water so hard to get photos of her dry and clean. My daughters new project and favorite. She loves fetch & return- sits to wait for the ball to be tossed will return ball and drop it at our feet. Easy to take on walks around the neighborhood

Those Eyes!!! Zipper NOSE!
Always Dirty-Can't stay clean.
~Birdie Loves Chasing Birds~
Water Baby-Can't stay out of the water bowls.
~Dirty Birdie~
Ali-Gator is offspring from our own breeding stock.
She is out of a litter from Bernice & Wally-Gator. 
Ali has a stunning, straight, Red, Dark Golden coat. She has a beautiful head and is on the smaller side of average for a female. She tends to look all one shade...not much two tone like many of our other goldens. She has a very nice stance which she gets from her daddy.
Ali has become one of my Favorites here on the Farm. She is a very smart girl. Loves attention and is not at all pushy with children. She is a toy hog and will not return them but it is very funny to watch her dodge everyone while running around the yard with a toy in her mouth. She stays close to our sides when out back. 

Ali is a GREAT mom!

Stella Has Found Her Wonderful Forever Home! 

We could not be more Happy For Her! She is greatly missed but getting tons of one on one attention.
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Mable is a very solid girl with a short & stout build. She has a Dark Rusty colored full coat with lighter feathering in some areas. She should be High end of Average or above average in size as an Adult.
Mable's temperament is fantastic. She loves people, always on my feet or under my chair when outside. She has kind eyes and absolutely loves attention whether it is playing or just sitting with us. This girl loves water, playing with toys, and rose bushes and our hoses and chairs etc....:-) 
​Gets a bit jumpy for things but is learning!
I am having a hard time getting photos of her Dry. 

Mable & Birdie are best friends.​
Loving this Fatty Mable. 
Beautiful Girl!
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63 Lbs.

61 Lbs.
7 Mos.
~Bertha Butt~
Bertha has and amazing very soft double thick coat. She will be a Medium Colored Golden with a lighter undercoat. She is a Big Girl with a very nice solid structure. Big feet, blocky head. Her coat makes her feel all squishy and we love squishy. Her temperament is very laid back, loving and carefree. Not extremely needy but does come around for love. She gets along with everyone adults, children and our other female Goldens. She is not related to our pack so she can be paired with any one of our males, when the time comes. 
Bertha is Just Stunning-We call her Squinchy face! She has really thickened up nicely.
She has a Big Butt-that waddles when she walks!

Zipper Nose!
My Lover-Lazy Girl!

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Bernice & Wallace
March or April 2019 
This Will Be Her Last Litter
Our Red
Our Mable
Red & Mable-Breeding Around May 2019
This waitlist will be closed due to Mable not getting pregnant with her first breeding. We will open waitlist once her pregnancy is confirmed. 

74 Lbs.
8 Mos.

48 Lbs.
8 MOS.
1st Pick: MMFR
1st Pick: MMFR
2nd Pick: NAME
2nd Pick: NAME
3rd Pick: NAME
3rd Pick: NAME
Mable & Red Waitlist
Breeding May 2019-Closed until confirmed Pregnant
1st Pick: Elle Y.
1st Pick: Emily R.
2nd Pick: Marye Lee
2nd Pick: Maggie L.
3rd Pick: Anne Z.
3rd Pick: Sonia B.
Birdie & Wallace Waitlist
Breeding May 2019-One Female Position Open
Mable & Red
Trying Again May Or June 2019 
Not taking waitlist until pregnancy  is confirmed.
If Mable Does not Take/Get Pregnant she will be spayed and up for adoption.
Birdie & Emmett
Litter of 5 Born On 12-04-18
Fall Wait List Is Closed/Full
Below are Reference only photos of Our past Females. They have found wonderful new homes or crossed over Rainbow Bridge!
For Reference Only
Forever In Our Hearts
Ali & Emmett
Due Date: Posting Soon
Bertha & Wallace
Due Date: Feb. 8th, 2019

This Waitlist is Full/Closed