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Bernice & Emmett's Litter
HOLD - Means I have received a deposit but puppy may become available if buyer has to back out of sale for any unforeseen reason.
SOLD - Means Puppy is paid for in FULL and is no longer available.
Photos Taken @ 1 Week Old

Litter Born May 6th 2019
~ Bernice's Last Litter~
Emergency C-Section
2 Healthy Puppies 1Girl & 1Boy

Deposits taken from waitlist on
May 19th
Female Waitlist Position is OPEN

Puppies are ready to join their families the weekend of June 28th thru July 1st

Photos Taken @ 1 Week Old
Bernice & Emmett's Waitlist
Had Litter May 5th 2019
1st Pick: OPEN
1st Pick: Alexandra C.
~Click On A Photo To Enlarge~
~Click On A Photo To Enlarge~
2 Lbs 8 Ozs
@ 1WK
2 Lbs 6 Ozs
@ 1WK
Orange Collar
Red Collar
Suzie & Seager are about the same color.  She has a very shiny Lt. to Med. Golden coat, that is super soft. She is a chubby butter ball. This girl has an amazing head and big feet, going to resemble Mom & Dad.
Love this Fatty!
Stella was having breathing issues so  we took all 3 puppies to My Veterinarian for a Health check and she had a subnormal temperature, her lungs sounded bad. She was placed on antibiotic but did not survive. We are so very heartbroken. Her siblings are doing Perfectly. They have doubled in weight and are very fat healthy puppies. Stella's siblings both had normal temperatures, lungs and hearts sounded perfect.
Seager is the most handsome dude.  He has a very nice Lt. to Med. Golden coat, with a very slight wave in it. He is a big solid boy and reminds me of his daddy with his Blocky head & big feet. I'm crazy about him!
 Puppies @ 1 Week Old!
Boy On Left
 Puppies @ 1 Week Old!
Boy On Left