Wallace is an average sized Boy, with an amazing almost majestic stance. 
He has a beautiful Medium Golden Colored straight Coat, with a lighter
 fringe on his legs and chest.  He has excellent conformation. 
Wally is a high energy boy who exhibits more of the hunter instincts. He is very competitive. What an exceptionally quick learner he is. Fetch and return is a favorite in games to be played, I think he was born with a ball in his mouth. Full of energy, Wallace needs daily exercise and a job to keep him busy or he can be a bit jumpy with excitement.  Hot breathe in your face is a given when dealing with this boy. Wallace Loves to be sprayed off with a hose but will not get into our big pool without a push!
Our Boys
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William Wallace ~AKA~ Wally Gator
10 Wks Old
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Killian's Irish Red ~AKA~ Red
Is going with to meet a potential family on Dec. 8th.
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Meet~ Emmett~
Emmett is a great looking boy with an amazingly thick, very light Golden coat that has a slight wave in it. He has a stunning head with a nice overall conformation, short and stout. This boy is loving to everyone and is not pushy or jumpy. He is a very laid back guy. Emmett is one of our most quiet dogs-he rarely barks.
He is starting to really love the fetch and return game and he drops the ball at our feet. We can't keep him out of the pools or water bowls so it is hard to get a photo of him DRY!
This boy has produced some beautiful full coated offspring. We are looking forward to seeing them as adults. 

He Loves Human attention!
Great Temperament!
Loves the Water but
who wouldn't with a coat that thick?
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76 Lbs.
87 Lbs.

Red is a BIG boy. He has a wavy, Rusty Red coat, with lighter fringe on his chest, back legs & tail. He is a Dark Golden boy. Red has developed into a beautiful adult. This boy is now a proven producer. Red is a very gentle and timid boy. He can be a tad shy around strangers & children. He is so sweet and I just adore his gentle demeanor and kind eyes. Our Gentle Giant. He gets along very well with all of our Golden girls. He is a smart boy and has learned a few commands with great ease. Red loves to chase a ball and run with our pack of Goldens. Not a big water dog, he will stand in one of our puppy pools to cool his feet but does not like our big pool. 
Red is my Daughters favorite! 

96 Lbs.

Emmett will be Busy again in the Fall/Winter 2019 with Zuri 

Heidi & Zuri Summer 2020 

Wallace will be paired with Bertha March 2020. He has also been paired with Heidi 2019.

Turning 4 Yrs Old - Very Healthy
Red- Is being Re-homed.  He is a big shy boy(NOT AT ALL AGGRESSIVE) very gentle but afraid of things.  Red loves attention and chasing a ball. He is Not good with cats! Great with other dogs. Red has been neutered.  He is current on vaccines. Has 1yr Rabies vaccine. Microchipped & Registered with AKC. Red is crate & leash trained. Very smart boy. 
 His Re-homing fee is $500.00 but this price is Negotiable to a GOOD HOME only.