Purchase-A-Pup:    At MMFR Golden Retrievers, after you have chosen an available puppy, we require a $300.00(non refundable and non transferable) deposit to hold the puppy of your choice until they are fully weaned and ready to be placed at 8 weeks of age. This deposit insures you, the buyer, the puppy of your choice and us, the seller, a committed buyer and can be made thru PayPal(Faster & Easier way to secure a puppy). The hold funds go toward the remaining balance which is due upon pick up or before puppy is shipped. Payments can be made until puppy is ready to go @ (8wks). You can purchase your pup with FULL AKC(Breeding and Show Rights) or without AKC(As a Good Quality Pet) or NOW with LIMITED AKC(*). Price differences are listed above. We only hold AKC Reg. applications for a later purchase, if we have already ordered the AKC applications for another buyer or ourselves. All Prices are listed above and are subject to change in between breedings as we deem fit, for example, a price increase on all dog supplies. 

Selecting a Puppy:  This is how we work placing a Hold($300.00 Deposit-via PayPal) on one of our Golden Retriever puppies. We do not take pre-deposits or pre-holds(meaning money before litter is born) because there is no guarantee that my pregnant mammas will have a smooth delivery, or how many boys/girls etc. We do however make a contact list with phone numbers and emails of those interested in a particular litter. Once puppies arrive we let everyone on the contact list know how many boys & girls  and what day we will start accepting deposits, which is at 2wks Old.  Once a puppy is ON HOLD a tab indicator is placed on his or her slot/on their litter page. Available puppies will have Indicator Tabs saying Available.  With our 2019 litters we are taking a limited amount of names that are gender specific for each pairings waitlist. Each waitlist will be posted at the bottom of the specific litter page once all current puppies have been placed.  We will be accepting deposits in the numbered order according to the waitlist. Selections are made based  on photos. Photos are posted as a group and individual to the litter page & updated every 3 or so days until all puppies are spoken for. ON Occasion we will have a position or 2 of puppies  already ON HOLD in a particular litter. These are either reserved for us or for return customers. We give first picks to return customers, when possible.

Shipping: We no longer offer Air Cargo shipping. The airfare to fly has gotten too high and we feel that it is not good for the puppies to travel this way. We know from first hand experience.

Pups Go Home With: All  puppies will come home with Dew claws removed, a vaccine and de-worming record Card showing dates of current age appropriate Vaccines & De-wormings, A health guarantee which needs to be signed by the buyer and seller before puppies leave(Shown Below)and condition of sale. A toy, starter collar, training leash & food sample for pups to have an easier transition. I also give a list of your puppies daily routine & a few helpful instructions for those of you taking in puppies for the first time. We will inclose a receipt for all money paid. Your puppies will have been exposed to TV & in home sounds, Children, Baths & Blowdryer, outside play and potty times. They are raised in our living rooms. We sing to them and expose them to many toys and sounds as well as giving them daily individual attention. 

Visits: We as a breeder need to ensure our buyers a healthy puppy, therefore we need to be very protective of our litters. When allowing people to visit, we run the risk of contracting Parvo and other diseases that can be harmful to your puppies and our litters. We have come up with a strict visitation policy and will only allow People to come and see puppies at 5wks of age/weekend. If we have multiple litters we may even choose Not to allow visits, because of too much foot traffic in in that weekend. This is the reason why we put so much effort into our UPDATES(see  below).  Your puppy will be joining you in a very short time and we need to ensure that they have not been exposed to any outside diseases. We give a Neopar at 4wks, a 5wy vaccine at 6wks and again at 8wks. 

Updates: We update PHOTOS of all puppies weekly, on the ads & website. 
We also send out weekly emails(Progress Reports), with the photos, to all the families who have placed a hold on one of our puppies, so that you can track your puppies individual  growth progress as well. On Occasion we may miss a week because of busy life issues, but we try to accommodate everyone with weekly updates.

                                                                    Refer to Litter pages to see who is available!
Contact us to place a hold on a puppy!

We reserve the right to refuse service to any buyer.
We accept PayPal or Cash
I can "PayPal Request Payment" from you, 
No Need to have a PayPal account.
NOTE: If paying thru PayPal buyer is required to
pay the 3.2% fee Or you can send as a gift!

$1,800.00 with FULL AKC(Breeding & Show Rights)

$1,500.00 with LIMITED AKC(*)

$950.00 without AKC

Shipping, If Needed, is an additional $400.00
Male & Female Puppy Prices

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$2,000.00 with Full AKC

$1,400.00 with LIMITED AKC(*)

$1,100.00 without AKC

Shipping, IF NEEDED, is an additional $400.00
Male & Female Puppy Prices
No One has asked but I do want to clarify that Emmetts Offspring prices have NOTHING to do with color. We feel that "all colors" of Golden Retrievers are equally beautiful and Light coloring is NOT more valuable than Dark or Medium. The higher price for his Offspring is based on his Amazing Thick Coat, great  conformation, and best temperament. All of our puppy prices are subject to change but we try to keep our prices based on what we are willing to pay for a good quality dog.

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(*) LIMITED AKC-MEANS THAT YOU PURCHASE YOUR PUPPY WITH NO BREEDING RIGHTS(Cannot register any of you dogs offspring with AKC) AND CANNOT SHOW FOR BREED CONFORMATION IN THE AKC SHOW RING- you may however show for ajility and working class events & other local events in your area, which you can do without limited AKC in many cases.
Our feeling on this is that people want FULL AKC for showing and breeding or they want a PET, No Need for Limited AKC.....However
some of our puppy buyers have asked for LIMITED AKC and therefore we are now offering it. We want to give our puppy buyers the option of having LIMITED AKC....if they feel the need too. Please
understand what you are buying before deciding to purchase a puppy from any breeder.

AKC Limited Link
Amy (951)966-2319 or (951)981-0002
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$2,500.00 with FULL AKC(Breeding & Show Rights)

$1,700.00 with LIMITED AKC(*)

$1,300.00 without AKC

Shipping, If Needed, is an additional $475.00
Male & Female Puppy Prices
$2,200.00 with FULL AKC(Breeding & Show Rights)

$1,500.00 with LIMITED AKC(*)

$1,200.00 without AKC

Shipping, If Needed, is an additional $475.00
Male & Female Puppy Prices
$2,500.00 with FULL AKC(Breeding & Show Rights)

$1,700.00 with LIMITED AKC(*)

$1,300.00 without AKC

Shipping, If Needed, is an additional $475.00
Male & Female Puppy Prices
Price Changes for 2019 Spring Litters Are Below