Hi Amy!

From the moment we met him, we knew Bondi was going to be something special. From day one he adjusted so unbelievably well! It felt like he bonded to us immediately and was comfortable in our home. He slept all through his first night with us -- no whining or barking, and didn't even wake up to go potty. This little guy has been an absolute angel and has brought Conor and I so much joy! He is such a smart guy too -- Bondi is already an expert at sit, stay, down, leave it, shake, come, and heel. Everything we've taught him he's learned so quickly! He has even gone so far as training us! At only 10 weeks he started alerting us to his potty breaks by putting his paws on the front door and sitting there patiently waiting for us to take him out. He is so handsome, happy and playful, and absolutely loves attention! He is a magnet for it whenever we go anywhere. Bondi loves fetch, playing with his toys at our feet, and snuggling in our laps when we sit on the floor. The little dude is such a love bug and I absolutely adore it! He has a lot of puppy pals and plays well with all the dogs he meets. Since he finally finished his last vaccinations we have been taking him to the beach and he can't get enough! He wasn't so sure of the water the first time, but during our second trip he started to love it and would chase me up and down the sand. I cannot thank you enough for bringing Bondi into our lives!!! I could not imagine a better dog.  

Alex and Conor

                                      Offspring From Mable & Emmett
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~Testimonials from Loving Dog Owners Pg 2~
Hi there Amy!

This is Matt the paramedic who got Roxy from Bertha and Wallace. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that Roxy is doing fantastic! She is the most loving girl and loves to cuddle. Also I wanted to ask when you were thinking about pairing Bertha and Wallace again…..I would love to have a little sister for Roxy and would love to get on a future waitlist for the next time they are paired. Anyway, I know you probably have your hands full and hope all is well! Take care!!

Offspring From Bertha & Wallace
Hi Amy :) I wanted to send you a couple pics of Hunter! He has been wonderful so far,
 so loving and calm. Absolutely perfect
 He rode the entire 8 hr drive
yesterday in my arms and we stopped once to pee. He also slept last night in his crate :)

Of course :) I will be sharing more as he grows up! You did such a fantastic job raising
him and we are so thankful. He is such a lover and took immediately to me and Eric the
first day. He has been pee pad training well and we’ve been teaching him his name
and to sit.

 We love him so much and thank God for Hunter and for meeting you! Here’s a couple
 more pics from today - my parents really like him :)

Offspring Of Mable & Emmett 

~Slide Show of Past Pup Photos On New Adventures~
Hi Amy! Happy 4th of July! I just wanted to send you a Tripp update. He is the sweetest boy and we love how full of spunk and energy he is. When he starts to get sleepy he loves cuddles. He’s growing so fast and eats like a champ. We decided he was a born swimmer and can’t get enough of the pool. After two weeks he started sleeping through the night which was a big blessing for Matt and I . I attached some photos for you to enjoy. We love our Tripp!! Thank you so much. 

Hannah and Matt

         Pup From Mable & Emmett

Hi Amy,
This is Kissy Kelsey's favorite spot to nap. She now weighs 19 lbs, has had no problems in her crate after the second night, loves to play in the water from the hose, swimming lessons in the pool started last Sunday, and she loves to fetch and return her nylon covered foam balls. Ilene and I love her so much, and we thank you for everything.


Pup From Mable & Emmett
Hi there Amy!
I thought I'd send you a quick update now that Leia is 12 weeks old.(!) She is such an amazing, fun, energetic, playful pup. We love her so much. :-) She went to the vet on the 9th for her shots and check up, and the vet said she looks great. Everyone couldn't believe how cute she was. She goes again this Thursday for her next set of shots, and I'm really interested in seeing how much she weighs. It seems like after her 9th week, her growth has just exploded. She seems bigger every day! She's also eating about 2 cups of food a day (and I'm sure would happily eat more if I let her!)
She plays for about an hour to an hour and a half now before she's ready for a big nap, so we have our hands full. :-) When the kids get home from school, they're so excited to see her, and she is so happy to have them home. She also likes to 'talk' to get attention. But, she still really likes her cuddles, especially when she's getting sleepy. She does really well on car rides, and almost always falls asleep if someone is holding her.
She still hasn't been left home alone, but I'm sure we'll be crossing that bridge soon. She does really well now in her playpen, even though she's usually only in it during dinner time, or if we all are busy at the same time. I'm sure she'd be okay if we left her home for a bit, I just don't want her to be sad.
Okay, that was a little bit longer than a quick update, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting us have our sweet little pupper, and to send you a few recent pics. We couldn't imagine life without Leia now (I think even Chewy is starting to come around ;-) ). I hope that all is well with you, and you're finding time to relax with all your many puppies. :-) Have a great Memorial Day.
Thank you again, Leigh Anne 

Offspring From Ali & Emmett
Amy, Thanks for posting Bogie’s photo.
 Roger is 20 pounds at 14 weeks. Attached are photos my brother took. I took this photo. Roger is definitely
Birdie’s. He loves water and getting dirty. I hope you are enjoying the lull before the next round of
puppies. Roger is a joy and consternation. He is, of course, beautiful and very smart. Most important, he is
very affectionate and curious. He knows how to sit, lay down, fetch, stay, and wait... but is having a little
trouble with potty training. But, that is my fault for not reminding him... Patricia

​Pup from Birdie & Wallace
We purchased a dog thru you back in apr 2018. We kept his name that you gave him...Grady. Just want you to know that he has grown into a very special dog and is in training to be a therapy dog. He gets so many complements on how beautiful he is. I would like to come by and let you see him again. He is my special mate as I grow into my 70?s. Just want to thank you for breeding this special animal! Thank you!!

Sometimes we don't get a Photo!

Offspring of Bernice & Emmett
Hi Amy, thought you might like to see some of the final pictures of our little ones first production. We named her Coral. Your name for her was Bailey. She was one from Ali and emmetts litter 

She’s a bit bigger now . Here’s a pic from today. We are on set again, I’ll give you a heads up when final products come out  

Thank you for trusting us with one of your babies!

Pup Star
from Ali & Emmett

Hi Amy,
I hope all is well! I wanted to send a quick pupdate on our little (but growing rapidly) guy,
Huckleberry (we call him Huck for short). He just turned 6 months last week! My
goodness, is this the sweetest most loving dog I've ever met. He has been such an easy
going dude since the day we got him! He loves to be around all his humans and loves
all the attention he can get. As soon as he even notices anyone looking at him, his tail
starts wagging, anticipating all the pets and belly rubs. He is finally catching on to the
whole fetch thing, but is a total toy/ball hog, so he will really make you work to get
whatever toy he has away from him. He loves playing chase! He has turned into a huge
beach bum and absolutely loves the water and sand. Still a bit skeptical of the waves,
but he is getting braver each time we take him! His personality is so goofy and sweet
and CALM. We constantly have people asking us if that's how he always is, and the
answer is yes. He's a lazy little guy! Loves to just snuggle up to you and cuddle. We got
 so lucky
Thank you so much for giving us the best companion and best friend.
He is absolutely perfect in every way, and such a good boy. He was even there when
we got engaged. We can't wait to grow our family with him!

Pup From Ali & Emmett
Hey Amy!
Here’s the big boy! Weighed in at 18 lbs today at the vet for a checkup!
He’s doing so good. He is learning every day, and maddy and I love living life with him.
Here are some pictures maddy got professional done of him; as well as some everyday
Hope you are well!

Offspring From
Bertha & Wallace

We’re the lucky ones to have her! I love that Brynleigh came from a good God
 fearing home, I think that her loving nature has so much to do with the care and
 compassion you put into raising your pups.

The joy that I get from having Brynleigh is only a fraction of the joy that I have
remembering how deeply and unconditionally loved I am by our Heavenly Father. I can’t
say thank you enough for bringing this golden girl into the world, you and your family
have done so much more for me than just giving me a beautiful dog.

Pup Out of Bernice & Emmett
Hi Amy,
Just wanted to give a 5month update on koda! He’s just the most wonderful dog and
makes me and my family super happy to have him around. He has his own personality which i think is a mix of each of us in the family! He’s a fast learner and so smart, We started training him around 10weeks and he knows the basics (sit,stay, down, wait) and he knows some tricks as well ( roll, spin, dance). Also, he’s getting big way to fast lol. He weighs a a little over 50 lbs. We just wanted to thank you for taking care of our pooch from day 1.
Varsha and family!

I'm a pup From Bernice & Emmett's Last Litter
Hi Amy
My wife and I keep saying how we need to send you an update on Winston and with his first birthday next week it seemed the perfect time.
We are loving our big handsome boy so much! We still occasionally go onto your website and he is looking more and more like Emmett as he matures. He's coming in at 85lbs already which makes me think he's probably getting Bernice's size too! We were so happy to hear that you found a lovely home for Bernice after she "retired" :)
Winston has a big personality and everyone who knows him is remarking about how he always looks so happy. He loves people and other animals and loves to cuddle and be near us. We could not have asked for a better companion dog and he was the perfect first addition to our little family.
Here are a couple pics so you can see how he's grown! Going for his first hike at 3 months, posing for his 5 month "portrait", chilling in Monterey with me at 7 months and cuddling with my wife on the couch at 9 months,
I hope all at MMFR are keeping well and wish you all the best.
Shaun and Sandra

Pup From Bernice & Emmett